The Magic – one day´s workshop

Discovering magic

 The way to look back and experiencing the state of being is simply to relax, not like on the beach og before TV.
Relaxation here is :
–       letting go of all anxiety and concepts and depression that normally bind you
–       to rest in nowness
–       being neither for or against (thoughts, feelings, persons)
–       renouncing small territory, small-mindedness
–       expressing your existence directly, non-conceptually

 You can look at all phenomena with simple and ordinary but expressive perception.
You experience a vast realm of perceptions onfolding. Unlimited sounds, sights, tastes, feelings…
So limitless that perception itself is primordal, unthinkable, beyond thought.
There are so many perceptions that they are beyond emagination. Sounds you hav never heard, sights and colours, feelings you have never experienced.
Perception is not just what you perceive but the whole act of perceiving – the interaction between consciousness, the sense organs and the sense fields or the objects of perception.
Sense-perception is sacred, basically good, a natural gift, a sound of wisdom, a communication with the deepest of the world.
Your sensefaculties give you access to possibilities of deeper perception. Beyond ordinary perception there is supersound, super….
It needs training to get there..
Training in sharpness, precision, and wisdom of perception – the nowness of the world.
In stead of filling what we sense into a comfortable or familiar scheme, we go beyond personal interpretation, to let vastness into our hearts through the medium of perception.
Don´nt shut any vastness or possibilities of deeper perception out of your heart by fixating on your own interpretation of phenomena.
We have a choice : to limit our perception, to close vastness or to allow vastness.
When we draw down the power and depth of vastness into a single perception, then we are discovering and invoking magic.
Magic is not unnatural power.
Magic is the discovery of innate and primordal wisdom in the world as it is.

In tibetan, this magical quality of existence or natural wisdom, is called DRALA (dra=enemy,la=above).
Drala is unconditioned wisdom and power of the world, that are beyond dualism.
Above any conflict. Self-existing wisdom and power of the cosmic mirror, that are reflected both in us and in our world of perception.
There is no fundamental division between you and the world.
When you can experience those two things together as one, then you have access to tremendous wisdom and power. That is discovering magic.
When we see things as they are, they make sense to us. F.i the way leaves movein the wind…
Examples you find in childrens books like:
Robert Louis Stevenson in Child´s Garden of Verses, using ordinary experiences to communicate the depth of perception.
Or Saint Exupery:
– About becoming unique to another
– ”only with the heart you can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
The french philosopher Gabriel Marcel illustrates the same.
Drala establish ties og deeper engagements to your world, so that each perceptin becomes unique.
To see with the heart, so that what is invisible to the eye becomes visible as the living magic of reality.
Drala could almost be called an entity. It is not on the level of gods, but it is an individual stength that does exist. And that connects you with the elemental quality of reality, reminding you of the depth of perception.
We ca always meet magic, in art or simply in flowerarranging.
Drala energy is like the sun. It is always there. You do not dreate it. When you discover it, you start communicating.
When you discover magic, you simply find yourself in the realm of reality, complete and through reality.

Steen Lykke


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